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A Poem From A Customer

We received this lovely poem from a fellow network member at Let's Do Business (LDB) and customer recently. How thoughtful...


As someone identified more by his tie,

Who better to represent Gail’s firm than I?

So Total Insignia at LDB

Has the dubious pleasure of a poem from me.


To get your brand known have it plastered on brollies.

Get your logo on keyrings, or tokens for trollies.

Epaulettes, lanyards, aprons, sports kit or bags,

Mugs, pens or cufflinks, even pennants or flags.


A special embroidered design is quite cool.

It’s a popular choice for a club or a school.

A cap badge or shirt badge, a label of sorts,

Or a blooming great patch on the side of your shorts.


Jumpers for winter, t-shirts for spring,

Teams that play football, choirs that sing,

Colourful neckwear.  For ladies, a scarf.

Gentlemen’s ties?  Something flashy?  Not ‘alf!


Workwear or corporate, uniforms bright,

Seasonal garments, things for day or for night.

Sober or sombre, a badge that will fit

On an item to brighten depressing old kit.


So Gail can assist you.  Just make a request.

From your socks to your beret, via trousers and vest.

Short, fat, skinny or tall -

TOTALINSIGNIA accommodates all.


Martin Westhorp, Quickfire Training

  • Jul 04, 2019
  • Category: News
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